Coloured To Perfection!

3 perfectly coloured images of some of my favourite Harrison Marks models, Ann Austin, Lorraine Burnett and of course June Palmer. I saw these posted over on Twitter by user RetroChroma and started to follow him as he adds new coloured images. He has over 800 images to date and cleverly adds the original black and white version in the image somewhere.

Go follow him over on Twitter for more coloured images, as a different take on some old glamour images. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coloured To Perfection!

  1. It’s a personal thing, but I do not like colourised photos. I step away fro fakery. I recall some GHM photos has strange-looking pubic hair added for foreign magazines where showing hair was normal. (I should not be receiving emails from Kamera Club, but they do appear in my ‘in box’.)


  2. I sometimes wish people would just leave well alone. I’ve never been a fan of original vintage era colour photographs, but the ones which started out as black and white images, and have then been coloured seem to destroy the original concept to me.


    1. It seems it’s split down the middle on if you like them coloured. A bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them! Either way, I’m sure you agree, the skills of colouring the original images are pretty damn good!


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