Michelle Uncovered

I love it when I uncover more about a model that I post on the site, especially one that posed for Harrison Marks. The above shot is of the model only ever referred to as Michelle by GHM in Kamera No.87 (1968). I have managed to acquire several negatives of Michelle over time, from the one above, to a couple of colour negatives where she shows off a lot more!

Well now, thanks to Tim, who has provided the two shots below, I have a full name for Michelle. She is Michelle Karli/Karlli, and she had small parts in Department S and Doctor in the House in 1969. It’s definitely the same Michelle, as in the full shots I have of her, she has the same two beauty spots on her face. So, another model that posed nude for Harrison Marks then went on to become an actress and do small parts on TV. Or maybe she was always an actress and just did the nude modelling on the side?

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