The Curves of Georgette Gautier

Another original medium format negative scan of Georgette Gautier (Terry Maloney) by Harrison Marks. Posing on the loft set, images from this set went on to appear in Kamera No.29 (1960). Georgette had fabulous curves and a rather gorgeous set of large tits. A fabulous shot of Georgette and you can just see a hint of her smooth pussy below 🙂

As a reminder, the prints in the background of this shot are Divan Japonais and “Jane Avril” at the Jardin De Paris, 1893 by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

7 thoughts on “The Curves of Georgette Gautier

    1. I’m always surprised by people saying ‘bit busty for me’!

      you can have too much of course, but Georgette is just about perfect!

      To each his own!


  1. Before meeting my wife I had a girlfriend rather like this with fabulously large natural breasts and really curvy bum. It was my first time with such a generously proportioned woman but I must admit it was great fun. She was at least 15 years younger too..
    Anyway Georgette looks to have a magnificent body indeed.


  2. She brings to mind a line from the Richard Gordon books when the Doctor remarks that she has big breasts and she replies “yeath and I’m only thixteen “. Such a burden for a young girl but I bet she never went short of a boyfriend!


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