Vicky Ashley – Paddling Pool Pose

Never has a kid’s yellow paddling pool looked so inviting as in this shot! This is the second shot of Vicky Ashley taken by Terry Sparks in the grounds of Ewhurst manor in 1969 (10th June). A wonderfully composed shot by Terry of Vicky, with the wet yellow blouse working very well with the yellow of the pool. Only one more shot of Vicky by Terry left to go at Ewhurst, which is a shame as I’m really enjoying these shots of Vicky, especially this one.

One thought on “Vicky Ashley – Paddling Pool Pose

  1. Yes thanks Terry, it's always great to see rare originals – as an older bloke i guess it's interesting to see the girls change from the HM stuff late 50's to the swinging sixties and Carnaby street – what i have noticed is the body type seemed to favour a slimmer not quite so buxom model in the later years – not complaining : )


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