June Simpson – A Conservatory View! (1958)

What a pose from June Simpson, showing off that fantastic figure and rear to good effect in this shot, with her ached back highlighting the curve of her bum even more! Taken in the conservatory at Pamela Green’s parent’s house in Kent by Harrison Marks and appearing in Kamera No.16 (1958). Sometimes it’s the obscure poses that tend to stimulate the mind, more than the more obvious shots!

3 thoughts on “June Simpson – A Conservatory View! (1958)

  1. I'm sure they must have known, but you can imagine the scene if they returned early! Your daughter and young friend naked in the conservatory being photographed by some dodgy young man 🙂


  2. As I recall the whole process of photography was much more complicated and expensive in those days and models were few so before the shutter was triggered a lot of care went into it and the artistic content was more pronounced resulting in a look like this . Nice picture and typical late 50s or early 60’s. Lovely bum!


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