Cherry Gilham – A BJ For Benny! (Original)

Just when I thought I’d run out of stuff sent through by Terry Sparks, a load of new images of his work arrive in the mail from him 🙂

This is Cherry Gilham who Terry discovered in 1971 and this is the first nude she ever posed for in March 1972, along with 12 others that Terry sent through from the same set. They all show Cherry posing amongst the cushions with this chain bikini bottom and range from topless like this to fully nude exposing a fine bush!  Cherry is probably more well known for appearing with Benny Hill in the 1970s on the ‘Benny Hill Show’, as one of the bevy of beauties that used to regularly appear on the show.  I was a big fan of the show myself and used to love seeing the speeded up chase sequences where Benny chased the scantily clad women, or they chased him. All good tongue in cheek smutty fun back then, but it seems behind the scenes things got a bit more naughty! Cherry also admitted in her autobiography that she gave Benny several blowjobs in his house after filming was over for the day, naughty girl! As well as working on the Benny Hill show, Cherry also appeared numerous times on the Sun’s Page 3, several film parts and wrote a regular column in the Daily Mail newspaper.  There is plenty out there about Cherry if you Google her name, but I, for one, love this shot from Terry and the others that I’ll sort out soon.

A big thank you as ever to Terry for allowing me to share his work from back then. I find his insight and little anecdotes about the models and his time with them so fascinating and always a pleasure to share.

One thought on “Cherry Gilham – A BJ For Benny! (Original)

  1. The thought of that mouth pleasuring Benny is just too much. No wonder he was always grinning! Incidentally, the chain bikini bottom is a great accessory that contributes a lot to the appeal of these pics. Very sexy.


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