Voracious Vicki!

As I’ve just come back from my holidays, what better way to kick things off again than with a beach view from the Terry Sparks archive! This is Marianne Morris (modelling as Vicki Pascale) who has already appeared on this site before with two other models here, she is the one in the middle. Terry took Marianne and the other two models to Rhodes in the May 1971 and this shot of her kneeling in the shallows is one of four that Terry sent through. Marianne later went on to do a spread in Mayfair and also had quite a large part in the film “Vampyres”, also as a model she worked under the model agency run by non-other than June Palmer! What a great body, but not sure if that is a real necklace or a set of buoys around her neck! Thanks to Terry for a fabulous shot.

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