More Marianne by Terry (Original)


Some more shots of Marianne Morris (modelling as Vicki Pascale) who has already appeared on this site before with two other models. Terry took Marianne and the other two models to Rhodes in the May of 1971 and took the above shots of her posing in the sea. The top shot comes direct from Terry’s collection, hence the better quality, but on my Internet trawls I also found the two page colour shots of Marianne.  At least one of the images was obviously taken by Terry in Rhodes and these images were published in a German magazine called Das Neue Sunny Girl Vol.5 No.3. I’ve also found several other images of the 3 models posing for Terry in Rhodes that appear in other German publications, so will post those separately.

Finally Terry has now sent me several of his own shots of the black girl that appears in the ‘Rhodes 3‘ shot, who was a model named Venetia Day, but more of her to come later as well 🙂

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