Patsy Takes The Plunge!

Patsy Henlow or otherwise known as Pam Hornby by Terry Sparks.

As Patsy she poses for Terry in various locations around a house fully naked and showing off a very nice hairy pussy. As Pam she poses for Bainbridge both outside and indoors, but this time with a completely shaven and smooth pussy. I’d guess that Terry’s shots were slightly earlier than those of Bainbridge, so I’d say late 60’s for Terry and early 70’s for Bainbridge, but I could be wrong.

A glorious view of Patsy as she lays amongst the bubbles 😉

Members can view and download a larger image here

2 thoughts on “Patsy Takes The Plunge!

  1. How can a girl preserve her modesty with so little water and so few bubbles? Still, Patsy doesn’t seem to mind judging by the look in her eye!

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