Dawn Grayson – Perfect Poise

The beautiful Dawn Grayson in the studio by Harrison Marks. Such a elegant shot showing off her shape and form including those perfectly shaped small tits and smooth pussy.

A perfect pose from this goddess and as I’ve said before good use of the stool as a supporting prop. This is the second shot from this set and all of them are as good as this.

There is also a new Dawn Grayson gallery in the members section with a selection of larger downloadable images of Dawn I’ve posted in the past.

Members can view and download a larger image here

3 thoughts on “Dawn Grayson – Perfect Poise

  1. When they started showing pubic areas, they lost something: shapes and forms. Covering up the pubic area creates more curves; showing it, less curves. That is why the 50’s, early 60’s photos are so much better, to me.


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