Lorraine Burnett – A Beautiful Set!

A restored print of Lorraine Burnett showing off a beautiful set of pearls, as well as offering up her other fine assets! Lorraine looks very elegant, and you can just see the thigh and leg of one fancy stocking in the shot as well. I love this shot of Lorraine and refrained from making the usual comments about a pearl necklace (slang), but it sure crossed my mind with her posed like that!

5 thoughts on “Lorraine Burnett – A Beautiful Set!

  1. I’m an absolute sucker (no pun intended) for this type of hand-cupped boobs by the model shot. There’s something very sexy about them. And you have to hand it (pun intended) to Lorraine she has a lot of boob to cup.

    Can you provide a link for them?


  2. Ah sorry, I wasn’t clear. You have a wonderful array of diverse links under the photo’s, I was asking if you can find time to add one for model cupped boobs?


    1. Ah I understand now! I don’t think I’ve got them easily tagged to show models cupping their boobs, but I’ll have a look.


  3. I didnt understand the pearl necklace reference, had to look it up. How shaming! Occurs to me you might not want to do that if the lady was really wearing a necklace.


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