Anita St. John – An Opening at The Local Office!

Another view of 1960s UK model Anita St. John from a set of contact sheets. After only having a few shots of Anita, she’s now popping up everywhere, even in the office. This is one of the more open, uncensored shots of Anita. Posing in an office setting, we see Anita in stockings and high heels posing legs apart, revealing all. Also, one of the few sets that has Anita with her long hair down and not tied up or in a bow. 

You can’t beat a cheeky office spread 😉

2 thoughts on “Anita St. John – An Opening at The Local Office!

  1. Minolta40: My office was reeling with saucy ladies like this. Well, if I leaned back in my swivel chair, closed my eyes and dreamed for a while. Apart from her obvious charms, the lady has rather good legs.


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