Terry Peters – Rear Appeal!

A very appealing rearview of Terry Peters sat straddling a chair. From a set of 35 mm black and white negatives taken in 1969, this is a superb rearview of Terry. Showing off her curves, nice rounded arse and a long stocking clad leg. Lucky chair to be straddled like that. 😉

2 thoughts on “Terry Peters – Rear Appeal!

  1. Reminiscent of Christine Keeler – or is it just the chair?
    If you don’t know who. Hristine Keeler is, you shouldn’t be looking at this site!


  2. I think you’re right Minolta40: she seems to be channelling Keeler and has some of her sultry appeal. Keeler’s chair was the other way round, of course, and you saw less of the lady. Apropos of nothing, I once briefly met Keeler’s mate, Mandy Rice Davies – gorgeous.


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