Cooling Down or Warming Up?

A restored 35 mm colour slide from the 1960s of a blonde beauty taking a shower! I can’t make my mind up if this cools me down or warms me up, but love the knowing smile on her face as she allows that water to run down her body and across that hairy pussy. 😉

3 thoughts on “Cooling Down or Warming Up?

  1. This confirms my memory that bush was in fashion in the 1960s but when did it go out of fashion? I have seen comment on some pictures taken in the 70s suggesting that it was coming back into fashion but was not aware it had gone out! Certainly nowadays the bald pussy is the norm (shame) but when was it in and when was it out? Some continental girls still exhibit it I observe. Con anyonevenlighten me?


    1. I don’t think it ever went out of fashion really, just other styles became more popular and exhibited more in magazines etc. I think there was always a certain group that preferred the natural look too.


      1. Each to their own I know but for me I prefer the full set as especially when in a standing pose it looks like something is missing when there is no bush. When a girl becomes a woman she grows boobs and a bush and I like things just as nature intended – albeit with a trim here and there!


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