Monika Ringwald – Fence Top Flashing & Fishnets!

I love this shot of an unknown model from the 1960’s Monika Ringwald as it’s one of those shots that has a bit of everything and pushes all the right buttons! I love the fact she is sat astride the fence in fishnets and white panties. Throw in the perfectly small white tits caused by the suntan, and it’s a great shot!

Update: Originally I had no clue who this model was and found the original negative being sold on and assumed it originated from the states. How wrong I was, as the image was taken by Terry Sparks and the model was Monika Ringwald and thanks to Terry the location was actually one he used many times before, Pegwell Bay down in Kent. Here is what Terry had to say when he saw this image – The picture you published is I think one of mine. I was commissioned by an American to do stocking’s set of Monika, and all the unprocessed films were given directly to him. So I have never seen the results of my efforts, and I am rather curious as to how they have suddenly materialized after all these years.

Well, there you go, it’s a small world! I now have several other images of Monika and those great little white tits, sent over by Terry, that you can see here.

2 thoughts on “Monika Ringwald – Fence Top Flashing & Fishnets!

    1. Sorry Roop not Dungeness, but Pegwell Bay! How do I know this, well Terry Sparks just mailed me to say it’s one of his shots and the model is Monika Ringwald, but more about that in another post 🙂


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